The Finland Trip – Cultural Exploration through International Business


In July of 2016, I traveled to Finland and Estonia for 8 days with a study abroad group from Averett University.  This trip was part of an International Business course I completed as a component of my MBA.

Averett University, a small liberal arts school in Southern Virginia, has a surprisingly large Finnish alumni association.  This is due primarily to a Finnish coach at Averett who recruited student athletes from his home country.  Expanding on this relationship, Averett currently maintains an academic partnership with the Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Lahti, Finland.

While our experience focused on Finland, we also visited Estonia which is located just across the Gulf of Finland to Finland’s South.  The itinerary started in the Finnish capital Helskinki before crossing into Tallinn, Estonia for two days.  We then returned to Finland and traveled North to the city of Lahti and subsequently to PajuLahti in Nastola, an area about 20 km East of Lahti.  We returned to Helsinki for a final day before exiting the country and traveling back to the United States.

Below are daily reports from the trips.  This material was primarily created as part of the academic review but has been modified and reformatted for this blog.

My Finland trip was filled with so many different experiences and aspects that not everything fit neatly into the daily trips logs.  In order to share this, four galleries have been created with photos divided by city.

I hope these stories and images help inspire you to find your own adventures and to go out and meet new people, experiencing the world outside of your front door.  Whether around the block or around the globe, this beautiful creation we call home is definitely worth exploring.