Muddy Angels Day 6: New York to East Bunswick

On day 6 of our ride, we depart Manhattan on our way to New Jersey.  After touring the city by foot last night, we’re eager to experience it from the saddle and in the light of day.

Sadly, a Manhattan hotel does not make an ideal bike repair location so my broken derailleur is still just that, broken.  Fortunately, with the rear derailleur maintaining tension, I can set the bike to a fixed chainring and ride on.  It’s not perfect, but should be more than enough for the flat streets of the island. Continue Reading →

Muddy Angels Day 5: Waterbury to New York

Today’s ride started with a short trip to Liberty Park in Waterbury for the morning’s opening ceremony.  The community here had lost one of their own this past year and representatives from EMS agencies across the state were on hand for the remembrance.  An honor guard from Waterbury Police stood watch while local officials thanked us for participating in the memorial ride.

As with all of our stops, signs containing the names, photos, and history of the fallen were placed for view.  They served as a constant reminder, both of the risks of this profession and of the reason why we continue. Continue Reading →