Muddy Angels Day 3: Manchester to Worcester

Today’s ride took us 78 miles from Manchester, NH to Worcester, MA. The ride was good and the weather clear, though the increased temperature and humidity had us conscious of the possibility of overheating.

We started the day with an escort from the Manchester Police Department.  Many of the municipalities we’ve visited have been gracious enough to block traffic and control the intersections as we’ve traveled through their more populous areas.  This has been a big help to us and has been greatly appreciated. Continue Reading →

Muddy Angels Day 2: Portland to Manchester

This second day of our tour started out leaving Portland for some lovely secondary roads which transitioned to a crushed gravel bike path leading through marshy lowlands and scenic woods.

I should mention that while most of my new found friends on the ride were atop racing or road bikes of one form or another, I have what is essentially a mountain bike converted for touring.  This means that I’ve traded the lightweight carbon frame and super skinny high efficiency tires for a heavy but robust, suspension fork equipped, monster tourer. Continue Reading →