Muddy Angels Day 2: Portland to Manchester

This second day of our tour started out leaving Portland for some lovely secondary roads which transitioned to a crushed gravel bike path leading through marshy lowlands and scenic woods.

I should mention that while most of my new found friends on the ride were atop racing or road bikes of one form or another, I have what is essentially a mountain bike converted for touring.  This means that I’ve traded the lightweight carbon frame and super skinny high efficiency tires for a heavy but robust, suspension fork equipped, monster tourer. Continue Reading →

Muddy Angels Day 1: Augusta to Portland

Last night, we had a short introductory meeting at our hotel in Rockland, Maine.  That was the first time everyone was in the same room together but the required business of the briefing along with logistics, safety information, and the handing out of bibs, jerseys, and ducks (yes, I said ducks) left little time for anything more than a cursory introduction to my fellow riders.

This morning, bright, early, and spandex clad, we had a few more minutes to mingle before we were shuttled to our starting point in Augusta.  It turns out there was a good mix of ride veterans along with first timers like me.  I also found out that there were several licensed amateur radio operators on the ride.  Of course this information would have been better if more than a one or two of us had actually brought our radios. Continue Reading →