Tallinn, Estonia Gallery

My Finland trip was filled with so many different experiences and aspects that not everything fit neatly into the daily trips logs prepared as part of my academic summary.  The additional photos found below either expand on the topics discussed or introduce places and sights not included elsewhere.

This gallery includes photos from the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, the Museum of the Occupation, any many sections of the Old City of Tallinn. Continue Reading →

Finland: Day 5 – Tallinn to Lahti

Our fifth day was a day of travel. From the hotel in Estonia we took a taxi to the harbor, returned to Finland aboard the ferry, used the tram to arrive at the Helsinki Central railway station, and took the train to Lahti before finishing with a quick walk to our hotel for the next night. The effectiveness of the European public transportation infrastructure is enviable. Adding to this network, there is discussion about constructing an undersea rail tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki that would reduce the 90+ minute cruise to a 30 minute ride. Continue Reading →

Finland: Day 4 – Tallinn

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

On the following day, we investigated some of the more contemporary aspects of Estonia’s history.  In the morning, we visited the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds which served as the backdrop to a culmination of Estonian nationalistic energy which had been suppressed under Soviet rule.  As the country joined en masse to sing songs and hymns forbidden under the USSR, the force of this popular uprising prompted a bloodless revolution granting freedom to the Estonian people.   The festival grounds continue both as a music venue and as a monument to the conviction of the Estonian people and the power released when a nation rises up with one voice to declare its identity. Continue Reading →

Finland: Day 3 – Helsinki to Tallinn

Nestlé of Finland

Our third day in Helsinki started with a visit to Nestlé of Finland.  We meet with Peka, head of sales and Ansi, the account manager.  They provided an overview of Nestlé’s operations in Finland and the connection to the overall multinational company.  Nestlé has a diversified model in which local product preferences are maintained and often produced in country.  Much of its success is based on properly evaluating mergers, acquisitions, and separations based upon product success and demand.  Peka and Ansi stressed that in a competitive environment, such as that in which Nestlé operates, the company must continue to grow and innovate or it will fail. Continue Reading →