Coffee with Friends

Each day while I was in Colorado, I would take some time in the morning before breakfast and before the plans and logistics of the day’s hike become the prominent thoughts upon my mind.  I would make a cup of coffee and retreat to the patio behind the lodge to reflect, pray, read scripture, and generally just observe the quiet beauty of the world at the start of the day.

On several mornings, a family of deer would descend from the surrounding hills to graze on the grass of the camp.  As I sat quietly in the morning sun, the deer seemed to subtlety notice me but were not in the least bit alarmed by my presence.  I enjoyed my coffee while they enjoyed their breakfast, both enjoying the morning and perhaps even the company. Continue Reading →

A hiking horse? Of course!

First-timers on my hikes are often puzzled when at mid-point I tell them the return will be easier because I’ve brought my horse along.

Their curiosity is piqued further when I reach into my backpack and, yes, do pull out a horse. And herein, is the tail, er, tale, of Estes, the white and gray-spotted Beanie Baby horse. Continue Reading →