Muddy Angels Day 3: Manchester to Worcester

Today’s ride took us 78 miles from Manchester, NH to Worcester, MA. The ride was good and the weather clear, though the increased temperature and humidity had us conscious of the possibility of overheating.

We started the day with an escort from the Manchester Police Department.  Many of the municipalities we’ve visited have been gracious enough to block traffic and control the intersections as we’ve traveled through their more populous areas.  This has been a big help to us and has been greatly appreciated.



At our first rest stop of the morning, I looked down at a bike and found an unexpected passenger.  Inquiring, I learned the the turtle’s name is roadkill because it was rescued from a highway on a previous trip.  Roadkill has proudly been a professional bicycle tourist ever since.


Much to the pleasure of those with thin tire road bikes, our off road travels of yesterday were not repeated. Instead, we were treated to long stretches of scenic country roads and several beautifully wooded miles on a paved multi-use pathway. We also found a covered bridge which, while it was of modern construction, had lovely historic charm.





At a certain point, the group came to a rather abrupt and unscheduled stop.  It seems that there was some problem with the route ahead that needed to be cleared before we could continue.

Never people to miss a good opportunity, shade trees were found and nap time was had.


Looking back after finding an appropriate tree to act as a bike rack, I took this picture of the vehicle that has propelled me (or maybe I propelled it, it sometimes seems like a symbiotic relationship) from state to state on this ride.  This is proof that you don’t need a touring bike to do a bicycle tour.


One final stop at Lancaster Fire/Rescue before hitting the road again for Worchester.  Once there we were hosted by Saint Vincent Hospital for an evening of food and fellowship.

Tomorrow may prove to be our hardest day yet.  It’s the longest scheduled route for the trip and the heat and humidity are forecast to continue.  This trip, like life, isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.



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