Colorado 2013 – The Year of the Duck

More often then not over the past several years, I’ve taken a pilgrimage to the Colorado Rockies.  Though I live most of the year in a part of the country with abundant trail access including the famous Appalachian Trail, there’s something about the high desert plains, snow capped mountains, and exposed vistas that keep me coming back.

This year, I was able to extend a tradition from the National EMS Bike Ride this spring.  On that ride I was given a small green and white rubber duck as part of our tribute to Newtown, Connecticut.  That duck along with my parent’s Beanie Baby horse accompanied us on many of our hikes this year.

In addition to my normal posting of photos and descriptions from our hikes, I was able to log each days positions on GPS and provide interactive maps and profiles.

I invite you to share some of my enjoyment of this beautiful part of the world.  Hopefully it will inspire you to find your own outdoor adventure, big or small, and enjoy every minute of it.

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