Lahti, Finland Gallery

My Finland trip was filled with so many different experiences and aspects that not everything fit neatly into the daily trips logs prepared as part of my academic summary.  The additional photos found below either expand on the topics discussed or introduce places and sights not included elsewhere.

This gallery contains photos from Lahti, Finland including the town center, waterfront area, and the winter sports complex. Continue Reading →

Finland: Day 5 – Tallinn to Lahti

Our fifth day was a day of travel. From the hotel in Estonia we took a taxi to the harbor, returned to Finland aboard the ferry, used the tram to arrive at the Helsinki Central railway station, and took the train to Lahti before finishing with a quick walk to our hotel for the next night. The effectiveness of the European public transportation infrastructure is enviable. Adding to this network, there is discussion about constructing an undersea rail tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki that would reduce the 90+ minute cruise to a 30 minute ride. Continue Reading →

Finland: Day 2 – Helsinki

Between travel and the time change, the previous day had lasted 44 hours before I went to sleep shortly before midnight.  Despite this, I awoke at 3 a.m. for reasons not completely known.  While certainly unplanned, this gave me the opportunity to fully appreciate the Finnish summer only one week after the solstice.  I can only assume that darkness fell on the country for a brief period but I myself never saw it. Continue Reading →

High Bridge Trail

It’s two days after Christmas, I’m in Richmond, I have a bike, and I’m doing reconnaissance.

More specifically, my father and I decided to ride a section of the High Bridge Trail from Farmville to Rice, Virginia.  This winter trek was in part to assess the trail for a longer family trip this spring.

The High Bridge Trail is a Virginia State Park.  It was created in 2006 from a former railroad line donated by Norfolk Southern.  This trend of turning abandoned rail lines into recreational trails is becoming commonplace within Virginia and the nation. Continue Reading →

The New River Trail

My friend Caleb and I decided we needed a weekend adventure.  Both lovers of cycling and the outdoors, we opted for a 2 day bicycle camping trip along the New River Trail.

For those who are unaware, the New River Trail is a 50+ mile trail which runs from Pulaski to Galax, Virginia.  The trail was once a part of an active railroad before changes in conditions and economics caused the line to be abandoned.

Virginia has taken the right-of-way and put down a dirt and gravel trail which is now accessible for hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders.  In addition to the trail itself, several parking areas, boat launches, and campgrounds are part of the state park.

So a plan was created to dust off the camping gear, somehow secure it to the bikes, start peddling, and see what happens. Continue Reading →