Muddy Angels Day 8: Closing Ceremony

For those who may not know, the reason we participate in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride is to honor those EMS providers whom we have lost during the past year.  Each of the cyclists ride in memory of one of the fallen.  We carry metal dog tags around our necks inscribed with their names.  These tags stay with us for the duration as we ride.  At the end of the event, each rider gives one of the dog tags to the family of the lost and keeps the other as a personal reminder of the person whom we memorialize.

While this is a week filled with camaraderie and friendship, it is also a solemn reminder of the sacrifices we all make in order to serve our communities and our nation in so many ways.  It is a reminder of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice who are now remembered by those of us left behind. Continue Reading →

Muddy Angels Day 7: Towson to Alexandria

On this, our final day of riding, we gathered in the morning sun to be briefed on today’s course.  This route will start along the neighborhoods in which my mother grew up.  We were all eager for the day ahead as we prepared to ride through D.C. before arriving at our final destination in Alexandria.

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Muddy Angels Day 5: Newtown to Lancaster

After the fourth day of riding, I could tell a definite difference due to this year’s training.  I was riding harder, faster, and farther than last year and consistently keeping pace with the faster groups among the riders.   Unfortunately I was also feeling worse and worse at the end of the day.

My cycling computer calculated that I was burning between 8,000 and 10,000 calories per day and I simply wasn’t keeping up with that nutritionally.  I had also trained for strength, speed, and high mileage days but hadn’t focused enough on multiple long days of riding.  That combination was leaving me more fatigued and feeling generally and substantially worse every evening.

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