2014 National EMS Memorial Bike Ride

This year marks my second completion of the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride.

The first event in 2013 was a powerful event on a number of levels.   For this year’s event I was more prepared, physically and emotionally, based upon the previous experience.  I also had more defined expectations.  I expected it to be similar to the previous year.  In many ways it was, but the feeling of the experience was somehow different.  A thousand variables contributed to this…too many to say exactly what change each made, but it was definitely different.

In the sections below, I’ve included details of each day’s ride.  Those with which I experienced these days will note that much has been included, and much has been left unsaid.  This is the way I choose to document this journey.

I hope that the pictures and stories below inspire you to take your own journey, be it this ride or something else entirely.  I also hope it encourages you to remember those whom we have lost and to live your life in a way that honors them.

To all those who shared this ride with me, thank you.  I was proud to ride along side you, in good times and bad, in the joy and the sorrow, in struggle and victory…it is for you that these posts are dedicated.

Semper Memoria

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