The New River Trail

My friend Caleb and I decided we needed a weekend adventure.  Both lovers of cycling and the outdoors, we opted for a 2 day bicycle camping trip along the New River Trail.

For those who are unaware, the New River Trail is a 50+ mile trail which runs from Pulaski to Galax, Virginia.  The trail was once a part of an active railroad before changes in conditions and economics caused the line to be abandoned.

Virginia has taken the right-of-way and put down a dirt and gravel trail which is now accessible for hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders.  In addition to the trail itself, several parking areas, boat launches, and campgrounds are part of the state park.

So a plan was created to dust off the camping gear, somehow secure it to the bikes, start peddling, and see what happens. Continue Reading →

A hiking horse? Of course!

First-timers on my hikes are often puzzled when at mid-point I tell them the return will be easier because I’ve brought my horse along.

Their curiosity is piqued further when I reach into my backpack and, yes, do pull out a horse. And herein, is the tail, er, tale, of Estes, the white and gray-spotted Beanie Baby horse. Continue Reading →

The True Adventure

I’ve hiked the mountains, cycled the roads, rafted the rivers, and dove into the depths.  I’ve traveled by plane, train, car, truck, helicopter, motorcycle, and hot air balloon.  I’ve held life in my hands and pronounced that it existed no more.  I’ve searched for the lost and found evidence of what was left behind.  I’ve repelled off cliffs and descended into caves.  I’ve sought adventure and found mud, sweat, breaks, bruises, and adrenaline highs. Continue Reading →