Semper Memoria

Each rider and support volunteer on the 2013 EMS Memorial Bike Ride wore around his or her neck, dog tags with the name of one of the fallen.  Additionally, posters were displayed at each of our stops with the names and information of those for whom we are riding.

I had the honor of riding for my friend’s father, John Echternach.  I had only met John briefly but have worked with his son Jeff for several years at Carilion Clinic where our continuing careers have crossed paths multiple times.  I’ve heard Jeff talk about his father and it’s obvious to me that John was a wonderful man and that they shared a loving relationship. Continue Reading →

The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary

At the beginning of the 2013 EMS Memorial Bike Ride, we were each given a small green and white rubber duck.  These ducks come from Newtown, Connecticut, but have spread around the world.

It all started following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  As the children returned to class at neighboring Chalk Hill School, they received a box of 500 rubber ducks from a Colorado Kiwanis club.  Officer Todd Keeping of the Newtown Police Department decided to hide the ducks throughout the school for the children to find.  This small act of kindness had a huge impact on the school and since then, the word has spread. Continue Reading →